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Abstract Background

The New Standard
in NEXTGEN TV Training

Further your skills and education in ATSC3 Transmission Technology

Next Seminar:

NAB PILOT presents another in-depth 1-1/2 day seminar NextGen TV training seminar that will take place in the Dallas metro area. This seminar will focus on the ATSC3 transmission system theory and practice and include hardware demonstrations of various potential ATSC3 signal formats. Registration will include lunch on the second day along with PDF files of the PowerPoint slides and a 50-page summary of acronyms, definitions, plots, and design data tables that can be downloaded a few days before the seminar.


Trinity Broadcast Network

2900 West Airport Freeway

Irving, TX 75061

Tuesday, June 21, 2022, 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Wednesday, June 22, 2022, 8:30 am - 5:30 pm


Supplemental sponsors:   ETRI, Cleverlogic, AGOS, Lowasis, KaiMedia, DekTek, Promax


The mission of this seminar series is to provide in a single extensive presentation a thorough understanding of the new ATSC3 NextGen TV physical layer system. This system allows transmission of digital data from a broadcaster’s transmitter to a viewer’s receiver (fixed, handheld, pedestrian, mobile) via an over-the-air television RF channel. This on-site course, to be presented at a variety of diverse venues and locations, is designed to provide broadcast engineers new to this field with both introductory and basic information on the ATSC3 transmission system as well as to offer experienced broadcast engineers with specific and detailed analysis and design knowledge. Both theoretical and application principles are presented and discussed.

Target Audience

Engineers and  managers from many different TV broadcast-related backgrounds can benefit from this course. However, the course is specifically aimed at broadcast engineers (commercial, public, corporate, network affiliate, independent, etc.), consultants, hardware manufacturers (commercial, consumer, and test equipment), translator/LPTV operators, MVPD operators, wireless operators, and FCC engineers. 

Registration is open to all, with no exclusions (as availability exists).

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Seminar Prerequisite

ATSC3 Seminar Pictures #1 - ABA 08 20 19.jpg

While any interested party is welcome to register and attend these seminars, it would be very helpful if registrants had some knowledge regarding digital transmission in general and ATSC1 DTV transmission in particular. It is also strongly recommended to review the downloaded seminar material prior to the seminar, and even bring a printed copy of the PowerPoint slides and/or the summary document in order to take notes. Bringing a pad of paper and pencil would also be advised.

Another useful thing to do in preparation for this NextGen TV Training on the ATSC3 physical layer is to watch some basic overview webinars on this subject. The Society of Broadcast Engineers (SBE) has created 6 one-hour webinars on the ATSC3 system. Understanding the basic foundation of the ATSC3 system prior to attending this in-depth seminar on the Physical layer can be very helpful to attendees, and will certainly facilitate their learning experience in our detailed seminar.


Use the following link here to find the location on the SBE webpage to select one of the 6 current pre-recorded webinars relating to different aspects of the ATSC3 system. Scroll down to the section labeled "Broadcast Operations" to find them. Particularly useful for this particular seminar are the webinars entitled "ATSC3, Module 1: Intro to ATSC3" and "ATSC3, Module 2: Overview of the Physical Layer", although all 6 webinars would be good to watch. Note that there is a fee to watch these SBE webinars unless you have an SBE MemberPlus membership that allows free access to all SBE webinars, including ones about ATSC3. Current fee charges for SBE members and non-members can be found on the SBE website once a particular webinar has been selected.

Seminar Structure

The presentation of the material will occur over parts of two days.

The seminar will begin in the afternoon of DAY 1 with a 2-hour ATSC3 system overview session followed by a 2-hour overview of digital transmission fundamentals. Day 2 will be a full-day, "deep dive" into the ATSC3 Physical Layer details. The material will be delivered in a conversational style, with Q&A allowed (and strongly encouraged) throughout the presentation.

Two electronic "handouts" will be available. The PowerPoint slides will be in a PDF document (2 slides per page, including hidden “background” slides) along with a separate PDF document containing detailed ATSC3 summary information such as acronyms, definitions, block diagrams, and data tables. These documents are downloadable to all registered participants just prior to the seminar, thus allowing attendees to preview the material and print it out for use at the seminar. 


We strongly recommend that you have either an electronic or a paper copy of these documents with you as they will be referenced throughout much of the seminar. 

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This event would not be possible without the generous dedication and contributions that we receive from our sponsors, as they play an integral role at our conference. If you’re interested in becoming an event sponsor, please get in touch! A member from our team will be in touch with next steps.

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